I'm Ready to Give It a Try

I've been reading a lot about henna and indigo but still not sure how to start. I've been dyeing my hair for 20 years it's a med-dark brown and I'm 50 percent grey. It's a month Aug 27th since I've dyed my hair, I got it cut in a pixie to cut off as much dye as I could. Is it to soon to put the henna / indigo on ? I'm afraid to use just henna as I don't want red hair but I don't want it turning black either with to much indigo.My hair is in good shape but it's very fine . I don't want to use chemicals anymore but from what I've read grey roots can be hard to cover with henna.

Advice for a Henna Newbie (recipes)

Hi all! I know this topic probably comes up a lot, but I'm wondering what recipes are the best. What's your favourite for keeping your hair feeling and looking soft and moisturised? And do different ingredients change the hue at all? Currently I have medium-light brown hair, and I'm hoping to go a vibrant red. I don't mind what kind of red as long as it's not carrot top orange, or reddish brown (brownish red/auburn is fine, but I really want any kind of true red, not a brown red mixture).

Change in game plan, need new recipe

So I had a lightbulb moment (two actually) , about why my grayest root areas were  staying so stubbornly orange despite using ashey fruit acids and adequate processing time.  It's partly because the "grayest roots" are right where I happen to part my hair, so they were just more evident there, upon closer inspection they actually aren't all THAT much grayer than the roots elsewhere on my head.  

gray root frustration

Hi, I recently tried the copperberry fruit acid (with 100% Jasmine henna and distilled room temp. water ) on my 50% medium brown 50% gray roots, and I really liked the results.  I got a vibrant (but not orange) coppery medium auburn that blends in super well with the henna job I did on the lengths of my hair.  Hooray.  

First time Indigoer?

ratio of Malluma Kristalovino to Jasmine henna

Hi. My gray roots started getting better coverage soon as I switched from a Henna/Cassia mix to using just the Jasmine Henna alone.   But, my roots were still coming up too light and bright, compared to the rest of my hair, even WITH using Amla as the fruit acid for the roots.  So I tried applying an additional two layers of henna at the root, but that only helped a wee bit.  

how to mix henna so it doesn't oxidize as much (and maybe is a bit redder)

I've been using Rajasthani Twilight henna for years on my medium brown/30% grey hair, and overall I love the results. However, I like it best in the first 1-3 days, before it darkens. It also is a touch too orange for me. I've been mixing with diluted lemon juice -- is there another mixing liquid or fruit acid powder that would get me less darkening and a redder (not purple/rose, not brown) tint?

Edited to add: coppery/red is ok -- I just want a brighter, more intense color that is not orange, rose, or brown. I also want to be sure to cover my greys

Thanks for any help

Henna demise time


henna and protein treatments

Hi, I have a special event on Saturday, so I am planning to touch up my roots with henna tomorrow.  At the same time, I'm also going to put a henna gloss on the rest of my hair, to brighten it up a bit.  Henna has improved the condition of my hair quite a bit!  Especially because I am no longer using heat tools.  But my hair has not yet fully recovered from the onslaught of chemical color/bleach processing it's been through over the past year, before I switched to henna.  So I'd like to do a DIY protein treatment.




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