Water only in hair henna

I've been henna-ing my hair for several years now, and have always used tea, coffee or apple cider vinegar in the mix. Last night I forgot, and simply added water. The resulting color was gorgeous, a rich pure red. My natural color is ash brown and about 40 percent gray. Is this a fluke, or is there some science to this mystery?

light brown henna ratios

I am a newbie, first let me say that I am very impressed with Ancient Sunrise website as far as the quality of the product being sold and the provided resources, this is why I choose it.   I just did my first sample henna from a hairbrush sample, I have probably 80% grey at temples and been chemically dying my hair for atleast 15 years and it is dry.  I used the Henna for Gray Hair Medium Brnette, Cassia and Indigo to acheive light brown, I used orange juice to mix since the Cassia did not have the Malluma Kristalovino in it.


I am on day 4 after my first henna with the AS kit for gray hair to auburn, using MK for acid, as included in the kit.  Day 1 included quite the Orange Panic!  Day 2 a very little softening of the brassy orange and almost imagined some darkening.  Day 3 shampoo and blow drying brought out more darkening, but still so much orangey this morning on Day 4 that I don't want to go out in public yet.  I'm thawing out my henna leftovers and wanting to reapply today to speed up the darkening process.  I was used to traditionally died medium-brown-mixed-with-red roots and bleached tips that turned co

Different colors of twilight henna in packets

Hi I've been using twilight for years and love it. Just today I noticed 2 packets have two different colors of powder (different shades of green) and packet plastic color was also different shade of purple. I've mixed them and waiting for it to develop but I'm wondering what could be the reason and should I expect different results? Thanks!

want a change from Twilight


I've been using Twilight for years and I really do love it but I'm fickle and want a change. I'm naturally grey, not a pretty grey though so that is not really an option for me. But I would like to go lighter. I don't want to do any lightening treatments (bleach, honey, etc) so I figure that I'll just switch what henna i'm using. 


this is a test

Newbie help! Time interval between henna and indigo

Help I'm a newbie! 

I haven't dyed my hair for over 4 years and it's completely natural now. It's medium mousey brown with grey throughout it. I have a thick white/silvery chunk at the front through my fringe and down the side.

Fire Kit

Hi All!

acid for sensitive skin

First let me apologize if this is posted elsewhere. I don't have much luck when I try to search.

Light Brown with golden highlights


I'd like to achieve a colour that is close to "Light Brown with golden highlights".

What ratio of Henna-Cassia-Indigo should I use to get close to the colour?

I have about 60% grey hair. And I would like to apply the dye to the roots only.




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