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When you can, post a url for your picture rather than hotlinking the picture.... there are several reasons for this:


Many people have limited bandwidth. If a hotlink pops their picture up every time some opens the thread, they may quickly exceed their bandwidth, and then nobody gets to see their picture.


Its nice to see your picture in the context of the rest of your work!


The page will open more quickly for everyone if the sharing is done with text links rather than hotlinks.



Henna over blond highlights

I will be doing henna on a friend over brown hair that has blond highlights in it (they have been there for awhile and are growing out).  What will it end up looking like?  Auburn with red highlights?

Have you ever had a haircut so bad that ....

Have you ever had a haircut so bad that you could barely bring yourself to leave the house?

What was it like?  How did you eventually resolve the issue?


Hiding in the back seat of the Model T, looking at the world: this is what she saw

Stereoscopic images were the broadband internet connection of the early 1900's. Because of the illusion of third dimension, the people who looked at these photographic images had an impression of absolute veracity.  The viewers saw it as truth.  But ... how is truth constructed?

If a single artifact could launch a thesis, this would be that artifact, examining the hundred layers of nuance.


Zanzibar, near 1900

If a single artifact could launch a thesis, this would be that artifact, examing the hundred layers of nuance.

New to Henna wanting to cover gray hair

I have short 1/2 inch long dense tightly coiled natural hair and I want to cover my gray hair.  Just did the Big Chop! Most of the gray is on the sides with patches within my natural dark brown hair.  So, I see celebration would be the best for gray coverage...what else do I need to make my hair dark brown?  When can I condition it?  WIll that make the color fade? I like to co-wash my hair a couple of times a week. How much of everything do I need?

Thanks in advance

Lead levels in pre-Mixed henna paste, to CCJ


I was wondering if you were going to publish the results of the independent testing you have done on pre-made pastes. I have a large community here that loves that certain brand from Saudi and I would like to have the results to show them how dangerous the products can potentially be, expecially for children.

Thanks in advance, Maryam


confused with ordering

Hello Catherine,

This is my first time ordering from your site and im abit confused?  I was wondering do I email you my order or do just push add to cart and pay with paypal? I really want to try celebration henna and some henna attar :)

Thanks Aisha

Relatively accurate and complete article on henna and leukemia in UAE

"Over the past three months, municipal inspectors have been working their way through the city’s 4,000 salons and sending samples off to the Health Authority for testing. “Eighty per cent of the salons we have seen are using only natural henna,” he says. Fines of up to Dh10,000 and a court summons are issued to salons found to be doing otherwise."


Initial post order changed

A detail that escaped my notice until yesterday is that the posts were arranged oldest first so you had to goto the last page in the sequence or change the order manually every time you checked into a forum.

This morning, I changed the default order of initial posts so the newest posts are first in line.

You still have control over the ordering of the comments with the option bar at the bottom of the comments section.



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