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Thank you all in advance for sharing!

When you can, post a url for your picture rather than hotlinking the picture.... there are several reasons for this:


Many people have limited bandwidth. If a hotlink pops their picture up every time some opens the thread, they may quickly exceed their bandwidth, and then nobody gets to see their picture.


Its nice to see your picture in the context of the rest of your work!


The page will open more quickly for everyone if the sharing is done with text links rather than hotlinks.



tattoos versus henna, help?

I need suggestions, ideas, advice, comments.

Bare with me while I set up the problem. Recently, I began doing henna at a really cool shop (I will call it "Arts") owned and operated exclusively by women. The shop features local handmade arts, crafts, upcycled items, organic and gardening products, and items from the green industry.


Hello :) - and possible black henna sighting...

Hi there, this is formerly MommaBlogger :)  I figured it was time for a new moniker what with the new site change and all.  I'll have to get used to this.



History of beauty surgery (BS) is quite old, first it was recovering surgery for those who needed it (missing limbs, fall-off noses etc) and then, second half of 19th century it became more and more aesthetic surgery. Surgical procedure that was taken place without any actual medicinal need. And it is interesting to see how tendencies, fashions and problems come and repeat over and over - like 'same sh*t, new generation'. Before it was declared that botox can totally ruin your face, it has been there - liquid parafin, so-called biological gels...


Got my package

I just got my package today super fast too.. I love it thank you so much!!! The bakhoor and henna itr smell heavenly. I will be doing celebration henna on my hair this weekend once I get over this darned cold. I cant wait.

Thanks catherine and whoever put my package together I love it

ALMOST right...

Hi there, I could use some help and I know what knowledgeable and experienced artists you guys are so I thought I would ask and hope one (or more!) of you helps me out.

I have a recipe for paste that works well, but after I freeze it and thaw it it seems too runny - it goes on fairly well, then runs together - just enough to ruin intricate designs. I have tried making the paste a little thicker, but if I make it thick enough not to run then it curls up at the end of my cone when I try to apply it (which from what I have read means it is too thick). 


Henna Pony :-D

so I was looking on google images for some design inspiration and thought I would share this find



awwwwww I want one !!!


cassia and/or alma on white hair for body/minimize thinning

I am wanting to try non-dye released cassia and/or alma on my mom's solid white hair. My worst nightmare would be making my mother's hair yellow/blonde, as her white hair is absolutely beautiful. I am considering the cassia and/or alma to see if it would help w/body and to minimize thinning.

questions on using dye released cassia

I am talking to my aunt about using dye released cassia to get the soft blonde that I saw in Megumi's post on the old forum (see picture from that post below). my aunt's hair is white at the roots instead of that dark gray, so I think I should get similar results. I'll do some tests when I visit her in July, but it's hard to test the roots. Maybe I can test the roots at her nape. I have the following questions about cassia:

1. how do you deal with the cassia potential for brassiness that Carrie mentioned in Megumi's post?

2. does cassia fade or do you only do root touch-ups?


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