I have a few questions about what to expect from Celebration.

I understand that it has a much higher lawsone content and that "darker" is what to expect.  Does this translate to browner, redder (think burgundy as opposed to orange) or something else?  I'm thinking in comparison to Yemen.

A zillion questions about dye release

Hey y'all -

I got questions!!! I'm going for a deep stain on my greys.

How much dye release do I need to see in my mix before applying it to my head (for maximum color)?

How long after dye release does henna exhaust itself?

If I use less acidic catalysts in my mix (like apple juice or chamomile tea) do I ultimately get less color deposit, or does it just take longer to release before application?

Is the amount of dye release needed before application different if I'm going under the dryer?

liquids to mix with henna to push it to deep red

I know there was a question similar to this on the previous forum, but what liquids in particular mixed with henna have produced a deep red rather than orange result? I seem to remember something about red hibiscus tea or red wine vinegar. And which henna would you use? Celebration maybe? I need to order more henna soon- I'm currently using Purity.

Don't get me wrong, I love the medium auburn results I got this last time, in my henna/amla/indigo mix. Just thinking ahead to my next treatment. Would love to have a nice deep red glow, somewhat like Mer's on the mixes page.

Re: Henna-Indigo Dark Brunette Gray coverage


. I have used chemical hair color for last 7-8 years to cover my gray. I had used henna in the past before my hair started turning gray. The henna turned my gray into dirty orange-copper and I turned to chemical dyes with reluctance. My natural hair is dark walnut brown which looks dark brown-black in the shade. I like the dark reddish brown /auburn dark hints in it. I have fair olive complexion and green-brown eyes so dark brown /walnut is what I am looking for as it is my natural hair color.

NEWBIE HERE !How long to leave henna on first time?

Just did my strand test & got jet black. Gonna go for it for first time this weekend. How long to leave henna on first time? My hair's mostly black with scattered gray. I have Ancient sunrise for AFRICAN HAIR BLACK. Instructions say several hours. Is that 2,3 4 hours? How long for indigo? It says one hour.Is longer than that bad? Is there a time limit for both?

Moved to a new climate, need some advice

Hi everybody! No one probably knows me but I've been stalking the hennapage forums for roughly 6 years, used to post under the name Rosiecat (got a new pet ;) ) on occasion. Anyway, I've always been interested in henna but never did much but minor paper doodles. Well it's time to change that! I recently moved to a new state and what better time to turn over a new leaf and really pursue all the hobbies I have been putting off? Maybe you guys can give me a hand with getting started :).


Closing the old Forum

To answer the questions about what will become of the old Forum:

hi friends!

hi i am so happy to have found this forum! i will be a new henna head very soon. i just have a few questions and clarifications.  i hope to place my order tomorrow!

I am a level 6-ish light auburn brunette..light to medium brown roots now with sorta golden orangy highlights from previous (chemical-ugh...) colours which have faded..

my goal is to minimize tone down my already brassy orange tones, which are in most of the length in my hair, not the 1.5 inch in roots.. for me i  love auburn and red and golden brown:::

Henna'd my hair for the first time!

Hallo! I thought I'd post here and show the pictures I took today after I hennaed my hair for the first time. 

I started out with medium brown, with more reddish tones toward the ends from when I chemically dyed my hair last summer. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v125/MarynNeondreamer/MyPhotos/23782_106591432699788_1000004679452.jpg

how often can you henna?

I hennaed last Friday and want to try a different mix. Can I henna again this week?


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