Whichypoohs (Heather) Is OFFICIALLY a HENNA LADY AGAIN

Pleased to announce I'm a HENNA LADY AGAIN. I forgot how THICK it was before the chemical dye...it's THICK, VIBRANT and the colour is amazing..yes it's bright but who wants to be like the rest of the "mouses" out there lol.

I may put ash blonde highlights in it later on.

I am so excited I feel like jumping about and I can SMELLLL THAT HENNAAAAA x

Annual scam e-mail roundup

Around this time every year, henna artists start receiving e-mail messages with vague offers of work at a party, wedding or some other large event. If any of you receive one of these, I'd like to have a close look at some of them to see if I can figure out where they're originating. The scammers are better at covering their tracks than they were a few years ago, but decoding e-mail headers is a fun way to pass the time on a lazy spring afternoon.

When mixing Celebrations henna and indigo...

When mixing Celebration henna and indigo at a ratio of 1/3 henna and 2/3 indigo...is it OK to use lemon juice or should I  just use water. Why would one not use lemon juice?  Just starting my henna journey....: )

Couldnt resist...

I had like 2 inches of roots showing, so I broke down and lightened them (they ended up lighter than I wanted... whoops), and as always I missed spots though I'm not sure how this time. Got irritated cause it was a pretty crappy job and I am now sitting with henna in my hair, lol.


Foulah Braids


I scanned and uploaded a large detail so you can see how this woman's hair was braided: amazing work!.

Foulah women's hair seems to have caught the attention of colonial photographers (and their customers); they took and published a lot of pictures of these women.

Hennaed braids, 1905, Algeria


This woman from Boghari, Algeria, appears to have hennaed her dark brown hair so she has dark auburn braids.  She hennaed her fingernails about three weeks prior to this photograph (judging by the growth).  Comparing this picture to a similar postcard of the same woman, she seems to have hennaed palms, but is not showing them.  

Anyone else use just glosses?

After turing my head a lovely shade of burgundy with multiple applications of PP, then trying for the longest time to lighten it, then switiching to a henna/cassia mix that was pretty but lacked the "flash" of Lawsone, I think I have settled on doing glosses only for color.


Rinsing problem - solved

Well it's solved temporarily.  We were doing house work Memorial Day weekend and I decided to henna my hair as I wasn't going anywhere that day.  Rinsing is my least favorite step and even doing a mermaid soaks leaves it a bit difficult.  It was a hot day and we had the hose out so it seemed like a good idea to try that.  So there I am leaning over the porch railing, trying to keep my clothes dry while squirting my head with the hose.  Having help woulkd have made it easier but in the end it was a good idea. 


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