Orange Hair for a Family Event?

I tried to do this right, and it has backfired bigtime.

Amla/cassia nightmare

Hi all,

This evening, I applied a mix of 100g cassia with 40g amla and water that was left for dye release during the day.  30 mins later, I was fed up with the dripping from underneath the shower cap, so I went to wash it out.  Two washes and conditionings later...all but the top inch or so of my BLONDE hair is black.  Like...gray-green-black.  I got the amla and cassia from Mehandi so in theory they're squared away metallic-salts-wise...


Alright, well this new forum is bright and shiny, and I think my previous question was lost. 

I have below shoulder length dirty-blonde hair (virgin with no grey). I would like an auburn, nothing too warm (ie orangey) and was suggested to try the Yemen. Would you add things like wine/coffee to it to darken it up a touch? If so, how much. 

Copyright violations

Jus' sayin': if you see someone on a social media group that's got stolen images or info on their page, or  blog or webpage ........ SPEAK UP. (If you saw someone shoplifting, would you report it to the manager, or say, "don't do that, it's not yours?)

If they've stolen my (or someone else's stuff) speak up.  Report it to the person who owns the material and/or speak up to the person who's violating copyright law.


How to go gray a little less gracefully?

I was wondering what my options are.....I would like to gradually go gray.

I've been using Henna on my hair for a year now.

Thanks ever so much!

Medium Auburn results over grey

Hi All! :-)

Accessible article about 'Why Gentlemen prefer blondes'

The Guardian has published an interesting article about the various scientific theories which seek to understand sexual preference for blonde hair in terms of evolutionary biology.


Whichypoohs (Heather) Is OFFICIALLY a HENNA LADY AGAIN

Pleased to announce I'm a HENNA LADY AGAIN. I forgot how THICK it was before the chemical's THICK, VIBRANT and the colour is amazing..yes it's bright but who wants to be like the rest of the "mouses" out there lol.

I may put ash blonde highlights in it later on.

I am so excited I feel like jumping about and I can SMELLLL THAT HENNAAAAA x

Annual scam e-mail roundup

Around this time every year, henna artists start receiving e-mail messages with vague offers of work at a party, wedding or some other large event. If any of you receive one of these, I'd like to have a close look at some of them to see if I can figure out where they're originating. The scammers are better at covering their tracks than they were a few years ago, but decoding e-mail headers is a fun way to pass the time on a lazy spring afternoon.


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