I'm new to henna and new to the henna page forums.

Hi my name is Cyndi. As my subject line says I'm new to henna. I've been researching and watching videos for about 4 months and have started to play around with my henna powder making different recipes and tattooing myself. I've been drawing out patterns as well.  I have tons of questions and am just really excited about learning about the history, traditions and techniques of henna and henna application. I've been reading everything I can get my hands on, including the ebooks offered on the Henna Page. 



I currently do a 1/2 henna/indigo mix on my hair to cover grays (i have dark brown/almost black hair). b/c indigo is so permanent, i wanted to experiment with buxus. if i use buxus w/ henna in the same ratios, and mix the buxus as i do the indigo, will i still get dark hair? i understand it will fade (indigo doesn't fade on me).......will be it as dark as the henna/indigo mix?

Please post your Thursday Sharing for June 10 into this thread!

Thank you all in advance for sharing!

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Pics of henna


I wanted to post some pics of two henna applications for fun, and also to get some feedback.

My client's first pic shows mostly white roots with ends a faded golden chemical color.



This pic is after a 3 hour application of Yemen henna (about 20% indigo added)



This pic is 10 days oxidation.  A little browner/less gold.

Looking for a short Henna Info Sheet to hand out


My daughter and I have fallen in love with henna. We are going to apply small henna designs as part of a fundraiser for our Relay for Life team during the R4L walk this Friday. We have henna and gilding paste and glitter gel for the little ones. I'd like to have a small info sheet to give people about the henna, how to care for it and to run screaming away from anyone offering BLACK henna.

Does anyone have something like this they'd be willing to share, or is there a stock one to buy? If I don't have to recreate the wheel I'd rather not. I tend to drone on and on.....


411 on Buxus Gloss How to

just did a henna buxus on my hair and its oxidized and such. want to do a buxus gloss to get more browner color.... any acid needed, sitting time like henna or just wet it down( buxus) w/water and mix with conditioner.... how much? what else to mix buxus with?


Indigo Shelf Life

I found some Indigo in the back ( way back ) of my freezer.  It is still in the package, but I do not know how long the shelf life is.. Will it still leave a stain??? 

First time henna user


 I did just the very front of my hair because I am starting to get gray hairs around my edges. After having it on for an hourI I washed it out. About 15 minutes after washing it out I got a massive headache. I did this yeaterday evning and I still have the headache.  I just took something for the headache to see if it goes away. Does anyone no why it caused me to get a headache.

2 step henna-indigo touch up

Hi- Can anyone offer any advice on doing the 2 step henna indigo touch-up for about 2 inches of grey and lighter brown roots?  I've always re-done my whole head before but wanted to try to see if I could extend the time before that was needed. My grey is pretty stubborn so I don't think a henna-indigo mix would do the trick...

Newbie with a few questions! *Updated*

Hi everyone,

I'm new to henna and strongly considering trying it for the first time.  I've been dying my hair (naturally a medium brown) for about ten years, and dying it red for the past four.  My hair has a tendency to be dry/damaged and I've decided that I've had enough with chemical dyes (not to mention that red dye fades so quickly that it requires more frequent touch ups.

I currently have about two inches of brown roots, and the rest is a faded coppery red/brown.


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