To Newbies; Picture at 6 months of use.

I have been using this for 6 months, no more frizzies. It's the Yemen product. It's outstanding! Not even in New England humidity do I get frizz. Everyone notices, at work, family and friends. What a find! I just did the hair test as suggested and mixed with lemon juice and I use the leftovers that are frozen for root touch ups. I am so amazed at the ignorance of people regarding this amazing herb. I was just "informed" by a masters degree educated(in herbs) person about how Henna has metals in it and that it would fry my hair.

O/T - I'm 25 today!

Wow. Feels so weird to recognize that I am officially one quarter century old.


Rain, hummidty, henna :-( paste question


I'm sitting here watching the rain pour down from the sky. Later this afternoon I'm supposed to apply henna under a tent at out local Relay for Life. We're supposed to have showers on and off all day. I'm afraid this might not work out. I figure I can still do hands or fingers... but will it take forever to dry? Will it get wet again and smudge...:-(

I had mixed my henna earlier this week: 100gm henna, 7 tsp dextrose, 5 tsp EO. I'm worried that with the sugar and the hummidty level it may never dry. What do you think? Would it help to add more henna powder?


Color Fading - faster in sunlight?

Now that I've acheived a color with which I feel comfortable, do I need to protect it?  What about sunlight - will it fade the hendigo brunette?  If so, as it fades, does the color turn more red/auburn?

No Longer Too Red

more pics!

Hi!  I wanted to share a few more pics of a henna done last month.  My daughter had chemical color (auburn) with a bit of new growth (normally light brown/dark blond)  that faded quite a bit.

I used Yemen and about 25% Amla (didn't want to relax any of her wave).  She left it on almost 6 hours.  It was quite bright at first which sent her into hysterical laughter then into a mini-panic, but nothing a flat iron coudn't cure  :)    A few swipes of some cut a bit of the day-glo effect.

First Time Henna/Indigo/Amla User. PLEASE READ

Hello All! Hope you are having a good day!

So, I just ordering the Ancient Sunrise kit for Medium Brown hair with 100g or Henna and 100g of Indigo.
I then ordered 25g of Amla.

I have many, many questions as to what to do with my first time. I've already read the e-book and looked at some posts on the forum.

My hair is thinning gradualy, and it's been dyed before(hasn't been dyed in about a year though) The color at my roots is reddish dark brown, it looks black when wet.

What I'm wondering is:

I'm new to henna and new to the henna page forums.

Hi my name is Cyndi. As my subject line says I'm new to henna. I've been researching and watching videos for about 4 months and have started to play around with my henna powder making different recipes and tattooing myself. I've been drawing out patterns as well.  I have tons of questions and am just really excited about learning about the history, traditions and techniques of henna and henna application. I've been reading everything I can get my hands on, including the ebooks offered on the Henna Page. 



I currently do a 1/2 henna/indigo mix on my hair to cover grays (i have dark brown/almost black hair). b/c indigo is so permanent, i wanted to experiment with buxus. if i use buxus w/ henna in the same ratios, and mix the buxus as i do the indigo, will i still get dark hair? i understand it will fade (indigo doesn't fade on me).......will be it as dark as the henna/indigo mix?

Please post your Thursday Sharing for June 10 into this thread!

Thank you all in advance for sharing!

When you can, post a url for your picture rather than hotlinking the picture.... there are several reasons for this:

Many people have limited bandwidth. If a hotlink pops their picture up every time some opens the thread, they may quickly exceed their bandwidth, and then nobody gets to see their picture.

Its nice to see your picture in the context of the rest of your work!

The page will open more quickly for everyone if the sharing is done with text links rather than hotlinks.


Pics of henna


I wanted to post some pics of two henna applications for fun, and also to get some feedback.

My client's first pic shows mostly white roots with ends a faded golden chemical color.


This pic is after a 3 hour application of Yemen henna (about 20% indigo added)


This pic is 10 days oxidation.  A little browner/less gold.


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