Monsoon Golden Blonde? It's so strange!

I used to dye my hair with henna all the time.  My hair is naturally dark brown/black, with red highlights, but I started getting a lot of gray hair about 10 years ago.  I dyed my hair with henna from Mehandi for several years, but I stopped using it in 2012.  I got a beautiful black-red color, and the last dye I recall stashing in bulk in my freezer was Punjabi Prime.

With cassia from henna-red to blonde?

I have used henna for few years and now I would like to go more close to my own colour which is quite blond. Now the colour is natural orange/red.

What happens if I use cassia? Whar effect is if I add camomilla and/or lemon? Can I get more blond hair with cassia or does is affect only for the roots?


too orange, how to make it dark auburn red

Hy, so I put henna on my hair; I am naturally dark blond, but I had red color on my hair already...I used red henna ( I am in Croatia, so I took 100% normal red henna), I mixed it with a bit of Indigo just to prevent carrot, and I ended up with brownish-red-ginger. I wanted darker red, more auburn. Can i do smtgh now to make it darker? Is is possible to mix pure red henna with lemon juice or maybe black tea to get more auburn? 

Lawsone content: Monsoon vs. Jasmine

On the Mehandi shopping page Rajasthani Monsoon is described as having 1.7% lawsone content.  Rajasthani Jasmine is described as having 2% lawsone content.  The description for Jasmine says it won't cover gray as well as "higher content" hennas. Does this mean that the Twilight is the only option for covering gray?

Hello to all - and question that has likely been asked gazillion times -

First of all - Hello!  This is my first post here.

Several years ago I regularly dyed my hair with Punjabi Prime henna I purchased from  I colored about once a month for 3* years.  I used to mix the henna with pure lemon juice or citric acid, and I did my whole head each time, (my natural hair color is very dark).  My hennaed hair used to be a rich, dark red...not purplish or burgundy...closer to mahogany (like Arlene in True Blood).

Colour Formula Questions! Light/Medium Natural Brown


Hi Everyone

I've been reading and reading for what feels like forever and am probably more confused that I was before I read a thing!

I am trying to achive a light natural brown, which is my natural colour, I mainly want the strength, shine and conditioning benefits of henna/amla/cassia/indigo with slight colour.

I read this post by an Admin and did a happy dance knowing that it is possible

Henna over chemically treated hair

I've been using henna and indigo for several years now and love it, so I am wanting my daughter to use it too. I've looked and read but want some reassurance. 

She is dark blonde naturally and has been using chemicals to make it red.  She has about an inch or two of regrowth of dark blonde and the rest is red.  Do I need to have her dye her whole head the dark blonde -mback to her natural color - and then use henna to make it red or can I just put henna all over her head, the regrowth and the chemically red hair?



Misleading directions on box and paper....need clarification

Got the Grey coverage kit Dark Brunette hair.  New item I never had in previous shipment so I am thinking I got the wrong kit.  Its a little packet with white powder. Should I use this even though I never used it before???

1) Box directions say mix Henna with distilled water.  Paper inside box said mix with acid.  Which is it??  In the past I have use half apple juice and distilled water.

Help! I used 200 g of cassia mixed with 50 g of Rajasthani Jasmine. Want to go back to blonde!

Hi ladies, I'm naturally medium to dark blonde with less than 10% gray (my hair was completely natural when I used the cassia/henna mixture 3 weeks ago). I used 200 grams of cassia and 50 grams of Rajasthani Jasmine mixed togehter (both purchased from Mehandi) mixed with all orange juice and left on for 3 hours. I now have dark blonde/light brown with fairly deep/dark red/gold/slight brassy tones. I hate it. :(... I want to go back to being a blonde - actually want to be lighter than I was when I started.


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