Too "RED", need ash?

Henna/indigo makes my hair feel GOOD. So good I think I over-did. Instead of just doing my roots, I've been slathering additional henna/indigo mix randomly throughout the length of my hair on the theory that, eventually, all of it will get an extra shot. But my attempts at random weren't so random, after all. I have a large chunk of hair that has accumulated enough mix to make it, well, vivid fluorescent red'-not orange but red-burgundy bordering on magenta. Lovely color but too bold for this old lady; I want a more natural look. 

Can boxed, powder henna contain things other than henna?

I'm using Mumtaz with the cartoon Indian woman on it.

I've only ever used bridal henna cones (when I got married), and boxed for henna at home on myself.  Every time I get severely dehydrated and just icky feeling after the henna dries.  Could it be a reaction to henna or something that is in the formulas?

When I last applied I used lemon, coffee and the mehndi powder.



hey :) me again! 

so what do you use to display your hena designs, do you just draw them up or do you have them printed out. folders or posters?? are they all your own designs and lastly how do you go about price?

ta, charlotte UK x


what do you use to apply your henna art?

Looking at giving differnt options a try :) 

what do you use and why?. Also any good cellophane recomendations? 

I am in the UK.


thanks and good day to you ! 

charlotte xxx


best mix with cassia for grey hair


I have mid to dark brown hair with aprrox. 15% grey.

I have some organic cassia, what is the best thing to mix with it so my grey will look like blond/gold highlights.

Many thanks

Can I use Cassia and Henna if I suffer from Hayfever



I suffer from hayfever but I am not sure to which pollen I am allergic to.

Is it safe to use cassia and henna or could they give me hay fever symptoms.

Many thanks Elaine

Chemical Dye Over The Green

So I have discussed on this forum before, talking about how my hair turned green after a LUSH CACA Noir appliation. I since then, Henned my hair With Lush CACA Rouge. It worked for most of the green, but I still have quite of bit green highlights (very werid i know). Anyways, I'm Kinda done using henna and indigo. Just wanna chemical dye my hair to cover up the green. It's aleady a nice dark brown with red and green highlights. Anyways I just need some advice on what is okay to use and advice how to keep my color (THE BROWN) the same shade and not darker, since this tends to happen.

Henna after hair loss treatment?

Hi all,

Help! I want my grey hair back after using cassia!

So I used Cassia to condition my hair. I bought Light Mountain Neutral-NO WHERE on the box did it say it would result in a gold yellow color on grey hair.  I did a strand test, but my hair is salt and pepper and I really didn't notice any color in the strand test I did. When I washed and dried my hair, it was very obvious I now had a yellow in my hair. I hate it. I Love my grey, it's a beautiful or was a beautiful silver. Yes, it did condition it and it feels amazing, but I really really really hate this blonde in it.

1:1 henna/indigo ratio = purple?! Whats going on???

Hi! Would so appreciate any insight to this. So, contrary to what usually happens- greys turning purple because henna didn't stick well enough- in my case, the henna/indigo worked just fine on the greys. Its my normal hair (light/medium brown) that started taking on a violet tint after several applications of a 1:1ratio of hendigo. Aweful!!! O.O So, I literally stopped adding indigo and thankfully the violet faded to dark red-brown (very pretty) BUT now my greys are a super bright red (sigh...).


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