Can I strip henna from my hair, to go "natural"?

I use Ancient Sunrise "RED" on my 50% grey(white) hair, which was a light/medium brown with golden/red highlights when I was younger. I used chemical dyes for a number of years and just recently made the leap to henna about 3 years ago. 

If I have been successful, I have added 2 photos: 1- showing long root growth with my natural color, and 1-showing what it looks like since I did a henna touch-up.

I'd like to know how to go natural without drastic measures, like CUTTING it all off!  


Thank you!


Elusive Irish Red

Elusive Irish Red

Ancient Sunrise® Henna for African Hair Kit: Dark Brunette v.s. Rajasthani Twilight Henna

I would like to know  which package to get,: Ancient Sunrise Henna for African Hair Kit/-w-Indigo, Or Rajasthani Twilight/w-Indigo.  I want to cover Gray hairs, but I also have damage from a flat Iron I used around the holidays (Christmas).  I want to take care of Damage to?, and Cover gray? 

So, I am trying to figure out which one I should get? 

Any one have any Advise?, Helpful comments? Good Information? Expertise?  On this Subject? Please!

I would really Appreciate it. Look forward to hearing from you, or someone who can answer questions.

Is Rainwash safe for African American hair?


My friend is visiting me next month and she wants to henna her hair. She lives in Las Vegas (hard water area), so before we do anything, we need to remove the mineral deposits from her hair. She has shoulder-length hair. Is Rainwash safe for African American hair?

Are shampoo glazes possible?

I'd like to know if one could substitute shampoo for the conditioner in a glaze. (Apologies if this is redundant. I couldn't find any info searching the site. If admin knows of a similar thread, please, just direct me there.) I suspect I would find it easier to work with a shampoo glaze rather than conditioner glazes. I have waist length hair, and it's hard to keep from dripping when I do a conditioning treatment. I believe shampoos tend to be alkaline. Would this increase the "ash factor"? I wouldn't mind that. Thanks in advance!

creating a neutral/cool red over bleached hair

I really want to stop bleaching my hair as I want to grow it. At the moment I have about an inch of my natural light ash brown root with a few greys the rest is a mix of straw and ash blonde. I want to henna it but do not want to end up highlighter orange! I know the bleached portion will be brighter than roots but figure this will look like ombre as it grows and I continue to do the roots. So could you recommend a way of getting a red rather than orange result.

Which bulk Henna makes up Cinnamon kit?

Hello :)

I used the cinnamon kit to dye my hair a couple of months ago and I'm so happy with the results. I'd like to purchase the henna and citric powder in bulk for root maintenance but I wasn't sure if it is Jasmine, Twilight or Monsoon which make up the kit. 

Cassia on white hair

Hello I was wondering if anyone could share their experience of Cassia on white hair (my friend skipped grey and went straight to white as she aged!). We're going to do a strand test to see how her hair reacts but I was wondering if cassia fades or darkens over time?

Confused about dye content accuracy

When reading the posts here it seems as though Twilight is known to have the highest lawsone content, followed by Monsoon and African, with Jasmine having the least dye content.

The Mehandi sales page says Twilight has 2.8% lawsone, Monsoon has 1.7%, and African and Jasmine have 2%.  The description of Jasmine says it "will not cover cover gray as well as the higher dye content hennas". This seems to indicate the Twilight, with its auburn tones, is the best of all possible options for gray hair, but that Jasmine and African would be the next best possible options. 


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