Indigo Question

Hello! I've been dyeing my hair with henna for years, so it's a nice auburn but I want a change. I'm interested in going a really saturated black. Any tips? TIA

New to henna, Gray/blonde wanting red

Hi, I’m brand new to henna. My daughter has been using it for years and her hair is gorgeous! 

I am hoping to get some advice and guidance from you guys. 

I used to bleach my hair, but haven’t done any bleach at all for over a year.  I have approx  5 inch long gray/silver roots and approx  4 inches of left over blonde ends. (My Hair was blonde before going gray) 

*I am hoping for a red that compliments my skin tone. I have a lot of red in my cheeks and it’s just getting redder as I get older. 

Any advice for a pale, red cheeked person?


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Hair is going white

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Revive henna?

I usually mix my henna with amla and water and then check for due release after able about 10 hours.

I had an emergency this morning and had to leave and I'm afraid by the time I get home I'll have missed dye release.

If I add some new henna to the mix, would that make it so I could use it and the already dye released henna would just be an inert 'pudding' that would stretch the amount of new henna?

Hopefully that made sense?

Thank you!

Effect of hotsprings/mineral/sulphur water on henna tattoos

Does anyone have any experience with submerging henna body art tattoos into hot springs?  I am having bridal henna done and stopping at a hotsprings along the way to our wedding destination.  I know chlorine will fade henna...any thoughts on sulphur/minerals in the natural pools?



pH question about water for mixing henna

Hi.  I've been curious about the pH of my filtered drinking water, so I bought pH testing drops ( "pH Perfect" brand).   After discovering that my filtered water is slightly alkaline (it tested at an 8) , I got curious and decided to test Dasani bottled water and also CVS brand distilled water.  Both the Dasani water and the distilled water tested at a 4, which is quite acidic. 

darkening hair question

Hi there -

For about a year, I've been using a cassia-henna-indigo with copperberry mixture to dye my gray roots. The proportions are:

100g Cassia + 2tsp henna with 25g copperberry
12 hour dye release over night
add 1/2 tsp indigo in AM
apply to wet hair for 3-4 hours "Deal of the Day" "Deal of the Day"


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