Body as an artwork

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Body as an artwork

Below you can find a link to one man'd home-page - Rene Kari names himself artist, he is currently 59 I think and his life-time art-project is - himself, his body. He is very keen in fitness, flirts with body-building, definately tans a lot. However - he strictly differentiates himself from that sport. He takes his body as unfinished sculpture, ideal as a piece of antique-art. Sculptor and sculpture in same packet/body. He started - according to himself - this project 'Better body with every year' almost about 40 years ago, a bit less. First it was a bet, then became a art-rpoject, funded btw by government for a while, as far as I know.
For donating 10USD you can be his life-time fan, he shares all his secrets, stories, ideas, prosperity and art with you. (I didn't find that money and actually - Estonia has paid him for quite a some so he could do his art somewhere in LA or where-ever... He has been funded, donated and paid so he could do his art. I pay taxes here so I just don't find extra 10USD for him.)
However - this man definately has very artful relationship with his body.