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OT: re: face painting

I was thinking of adding face painting to get more business when I'm out there...

My question is, when doing faces, do you have to use a new brush every face?

I'm thinking there's the hygiene factor involved somehow.

That seems way to complicated, is there an easier answer??

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Re: OT: re: face painting

I've worked with face painters who do not, so I followed suite. I never really thought about the how or why of hygiene since the face painting mentors that I know and trust don't seem worried about it. I wouldn't paint on cracked, red, or irritated skin, of course.

More important is getting good paints! Cheap stuff from the craft store is cumbersome and not worth the battle.

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Re: OT: re: face painting

If you get good, professional quality body paints, there's anti-bacterial stuff in it.  Therefore, noogies are averted.

Single use sponges are another option.

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Re: OT: re: face painting

I use single-use sponges that I sterilize by boiling between uses.  I try to sponge a base under all brushwork when possible.  I rinse out brushes thoroughly between uses.  For lips I use Q-tips. I avoid all broken skin and rashes.  If anyone looks in the least questionable, I use disposable sponges and Q-tips for line work.  I use professional quality paints that are inherently anti-bacterial.  I don't paint anyone who is coughing, sneezing, or has any indication of any contagious condition.  I've sometimes used a peroxide rinse for my brushes (did this during flu season). 

So far, no apparent problems. 

Where are you at?  I may know a face painter in your neck of the woods that you could get together with to ask some questions in person. 

You can contact me off list at artist at chameleonfaces dot com 

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