Blonde --------> RED. :D

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Blonde --------> RED. :D

Hello. :)

I've been studying henna for hair for a while now, and I'm working up the nerve to use it. Currently, I'm dying my hair reddish with chemical dyes, but I'm really just tired of the damage. I'm going to show you my dream color(s) here along with what my natural color looks like (not an actual photo of me, but just like my natural color.)

Here is what I'm shooting for:  <3<3<3!!!

I would also settle for these:

This is what I am terrified of, though I realize that with blonde hair I may have to go through these stages?:

So I basically don't want anything fluorescent orange looking.

Here is my natual color: exactly like this, right down to the roots appearing darker and ashy.

So, my question is this. Is this a realistic expectation with henna alone (and possible multiple applications) or am I way off?

By the way, I'm less concerned with what it will do to my chemically dyed hair, and more interested in new incoming hair since I'm waitin to henna until most of my dye (which is over bleached hair!!!) fades to a nice ugly muddy dark blonde color like I just know it will. lol Plus I'm not put off by a minor tonal difference between chemically treated hair and virgin.

Thanks for any advice! Also, let me know if I've left anything out. lol

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Re: Blonde --------> RED. :D

Hmm, your hair is awfully light to start with, to get that intense of a red with henna ... if you attempt this, I suggest you get the very strongest henna Mehandi has: Celebration. And you will probably need to use it several times at that, and when you do your roots, they may not get as saturated red with a single application. Strand testing urgently recommended :)

Any type of henna (real 100% henna) will be fluorescent orange for 2 days ... especially if your hair is very light, and even more especially if it has been chemically lightened. Sometimes you can't get it past bright orangey color, if it's been bleached heavily.

Something that might help to deepen the red is a mix using 10% indigo, 90% Celebration henna. Here is a picture of 10% indigo, 90% Yemen henna, done at Megumi Organic Salon. Her hair was darker than yours to start. The 2nd and 3rd pics are both afters - lighting makes a big difference in how hennaed hair appears:[]=11180

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