Can't decide what to do

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Can't decide what to do

Hi. I started hennaeing my hair 4 years ago. Originally I was a chemical strawberry blonde that was covering about 30% gray and natural strawberry blonde. In the last few years I have gone through menopause (YAY!) and my skin is paler than it used to be and my hair is now about 85% gray. The result is that the deep red is very pretty but not on me any more. I look totally washed out so it doesn't look anything like a natural color. I am torn between biting the bullet and letting it grow about 3" of roots and then cutting it short and starting over with my new gray color and letting that grow, or trying to dye it with a chemical dye with no mineral salts. Are there any other choises? Any ideas? I'd really like to hear from anybody with gray hair too. Thanks!

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Re: Can't decide what to do

Another option is to gradually switch to a cassia-based mix for a blonde color. Cassia applied for 3 hours will give you pale golden blonde (you can see a picture on Megumi Organic Salon's facebook page).

Or you can include (per 100 gm cassia) 1/2 tsp of henna for a brighter golden blonde, or a tsp each of henna and buxus for a honey blonde, or about 1 tsp henna and 2 tsp buxus for an ashier blonde. With these mixes I do a shorter application, more like 1.25 to 2 hours.

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