after-color rinse for dark hair

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after-color rinse for dark hair

I made a body cream with shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil yesterday.  (These can all be used as hair conditioner but they're hard to rinse out. ) I used the same pot to mix up an herbal hair rinse next, so there was about 1 tsp or so oil in the pan with about 32 oz water.  Use distilled water in a glass pan if you prefer.  I mixed up: a handful of lavender flowers and leaves, about 2 T grated ginger root, about a handful of 2 types of sage, a sprig of mint and let it boil about 20 minutes.  Then, turned off heat and let it steep about an hour.  I used it after shampooing and It took the henna smell out of my hair.  I have ornamental sage not the culinary type in my garden, but it's still sage so this is probably best for brunettes.

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Re: after-color rinse for dark hair

sounds wonderful. thanks for sharing! :)

did you sort of rinse your hair with this liquid after shampooing? or did you leave it on for a while? Is sage known to darken hair or to be good for brunettes? Love the way it smells! The body cream sounds so luxurious!

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