Henna/Indigo second coat information (?) Roots..

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Henna/Indigo second coat information (?) Roots..




2 months ago I tried hennah/indigo for the first time. It turned out to be a dark brown in the beginning and now has gradually faded to allow the beautiful henna color to shine through. 2 weeks ago I went to the beach and the red was replaced with more of my blonde hair that is now showing through, it still looks alright but a little lack-luster. On top of that my roots in the front of my hair (baby hairs) are very much blonde while my 1 in roots of brown are showing through the rest. I have only hennaed once and I am worried I will not be able to keep the color I enjoy once I put a second coat of henna/indigo on it,even the roots. Are there any suggestions? I really like the red auburn color that the indigo/henna faded to but I am leary of putting anything on my hair right now because I know henna does not lighten hair, only darkens it... I am at a loss for the moment and have been putting off doing my roots for some time now...ANY help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.


Should I forgo the indigo all together and hope my now brownish hair can not turn into a carrot-top overload from just the henna?




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Re: Henna/Indigo second coat information (?) Roots..

Hi Irie,

It's hard for me to tell what color you want to have. You dyed it dark brown and I guess that is what you wanted, but now you don't? So now you're thinking of leaving the indigo out so it will be redder, but you don't want it to be carrot top orange. Is that right?

Blonde hair will turn carrot-top orange from henna, but brown hair will not. It will become auburn (brownish red) to reddish brown. The more henna you put on brown hair, the more the red tones build up but the hair is still dark. So you can build up to a cherry cola color (dark brown with intense red highlights) sometimes, with 4-5 hennas.

You have some hair that is blonde. That hair will come out lighter (and more red/orange) than the brown hair.

Is your hair previously bleached or dyed? When hair has a lot of damage, sometimes it makes the henna and/or indigo fade more than they normally do. Sometimes repeating the process again, it will stick better. Sometimes it will still fade. If you get fading each time from old damage, you can try using a "protein filler" just prior to applying the henna.

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