Doing roots take long?

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Doing roots take long?

Sorry, it's me again. I was wondering how everyone does their roots, time wise?

I do mine and then wait 4 hours, just as I did when I did my full head. I was thinking last time this is crazy. Who has 4 hours?!  I currently do have the time but I still don't like waiting around wiith my head wrapped up and looking crazy if someone comes to the door (so far I haven't had to answer the door like that.) I thought about leaving it on when I go to sleep but I don't want to end up with a different color on my roots cause I left it on longer.

So what does everyone do? I can't imagine everyday people haveing a free day every couple month to sit with henna on their head :o).


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Re: Doing roots take long?

I used the same timing, but it was only 1.25 to 2 hours usually. If you need 4 hours but want to make it shorter, apply heat. A heat cap that costs $23 from Amazon will do that for you.

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