shampoo bars

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shampoo bars

I ordered the Amla shampoo bar and as long as I wash my hair twice with it, it does great!

Question:  How long does 1 bar last?  They seem pretty soft and don't look like they would last long.  I read somewhere that if they are left to cure (dry out) that they last longer.  Anyone have any info on this?


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Re: shampoo bars

Yes, if you let them dry before use and if you keep them relatively dry between uses, they'll last longer. I get at least 60 shampoos from mine, and I usually lather twice, sometimes 3 times. If you find you're using it up faster than that, try adding more water to your hair after you've rubbed the bar over your hair. You really don't need much soap if you use a plentiful amount of water.

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Re: shampoo bars

I am gong to try shampoo bars on the site, the ones i am using now not from your site are not rinsing out good.

my question is will the liquid lavender shampoo on the the henna site. Does it  rinse out better then the shampoo bars?

I do not want to get any dulling residue. 

should i try both and see what works better?  thanks Dotti

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Re: shampoo bars

I agree with carry. If I keep my bars in the shower I can go through them in 20 washes. If I keep it out of the shower they last twice that. (my hair is longer than Carrie's thus the difference I suppose.)

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Re: shampoo bars

I cut a small slice (about 1/4 in.) off of my bar and leave the rest in a drawer. I also have a soap dish in the shower that has holes in it so it drains. Dry soap is easier to work with.

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