Just a few questions about cassia and buxus

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Just a few questions about cassia and buxus

Hi  I was wondering if cassia will help seal in  permanent color and prevent it from fading? Also, can buxus be used alone,  with just cassia or do I have to mix it with henna to achieve color? Lastly, Im aware that the dying effects of buxus can fade over time, but will it ever completely wash out? I ask because Im planning on bleaching and toning my natural dark brown/off black hair to a light ash brown hair color. I absolutely hate red brassy tones in my hair. Im hoping that I can do a mix of full treatments and glosses with cassia and buxus to maintain my color or even create ashier tones. I've used cassia in the past (2 years ago) and it helped to keep my hair looking glossy, feeling silky and preventing split ends. Once I ran out of it and didnt repurchase my ends began to split and I lost all of my luster. So I dont want to try and do color with out it.

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Re: Just a few questions about cassia and buxus

Cassia + buxus = light grayish green

Cassia + small  (tiny) amounts of buxus + henna = shades of natural looking honey blonde, strawberry blonde, and ash blonde. Because it's plant dyes, it will look warmer/cooler/sparkling, depending on the lighting.

The proportions are the key. An ash blonde will fade to a warmer, redder shade, though. If you get too much buxus uptake compared to henna, you'll get greenish ash blonde. You'll want to do some strand testing to figure out your proportions and timing. A 1:1 henna/buxus proportion by weight (not by volume, big difference) in a large amount of cassia is a good place to start your testing.

The fact that your hair will be heavily bleached will also play a role in how the dye is taken up, and how long it lasts. We know that in general indigo is taken up better by bleached hair, and I would expect the same may be true of buxus. But I haven't tested that to know for sure.

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