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Please Help!

I have natural hair that has been dyed in the past. Since I have stopped dyeing my hair my gray is coming through big time. I was told that I could not use henna because I've colored my hair in the past, that could only use Cassia. Is this true? I was wondering if a henna gloss to help me as well? I need your help. Thanks

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Re: Please Help!

No, thats not true. You may have to do a few treatments to your hair to rebuild the keratin in your hair (which is what henna binds to and cannot dye your hair if there isnt any left in your hair, which can happen with repeated chemical damage), but you CAN dye your hair with pure henna.


If your hair is overly damaged (basically nearly fried) from chemical dyes, then you'll need to do treatments, but you should be fine to henna your hair. Strand test though. Always strand test.

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