My next purchase: fine-tuning my color!

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My next purchase: fine-tuning my color!

Hello! I bought the Ancient Sunrise "Henna for Hair Medium Brunette" kit for my first-ever use of henna about 8 weeks ago.  I decided to mix my products in a ratio of 2/3 henna to 1/3 indigo, and sure enough, my hair turned out more red and vibrant than I wanted. (You are free to say, 'I told you so.') I then applied an indigo gloss, and I have been pretty happy with the results, with two exceptions: My hair overall is still just a tiny bit redder than I'd like, and my stubborn roots are orange and now, with added outgrowth, whitish grey.

I'm ready for my next purchase.  Would you recommend that I stick with the Ancient Sunrise Medium Brunette kit and this time use a 50/50 henna/indigo mix?  Or is there a different kit or an additional product that I should consider using?  Again, my color is about 85% perfect; I'd just like it slightly less vibrant.  And my roots could really use some darkening -- without going orange!

Another question: I prefer the convenience of doing an all-over color all at once. But, given my root problems, should I just be applying the color to trouble spots?

Thanks, as always, for your prompt and helpful advice.


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Re: My next purchase: fine-tuning my color!

If you're having trouble with gray coverage, you might like the Brunette Bundles for Gray (either medium or dark):

Also check out the FAQ on troubleshooting gray coverage:

Adding 25% amla to your henna portion can help you get more indigo uptake for less red tones in your brunette color.

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