which one is best?

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which one is best?

i recntly did a couple tattoos/body art using a not so potent henna, they showed up, but not like i was hoping.... which henna is the best to use for tattoos/body art as there are several options and i just want a tried and true answer. thanks!

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Re: which one is best?

There's lots of websites that sell henna.  A quick search will bring them all up.

Look for either henna that's been to a lab and been tested for lawsone content .... the higher the better ... try for 2.3% or higher.

Or, ask to see a photograph of the results of that henna on skin.  If they got good results, you should too.

If your seller doesn't have one of those two .... find someone who does.  A seller should be able to show you exactly what they've got.

(We try to stay away from naming suppliers and hennas here, it causes waaaaaaaaaaaay too much hassle.)

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