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Yemen Henna

Hi there,

I want to order Yemen Henna and was wondering, if there's nothing on mehandi shop. If I understand right (I'm from germany) it is out of stock? When will it be online again?

Greetings :-)

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Re: Yemen Henna

You're right, there is no Yemen in stock. Importing from Yemen is a little tricky at the moment. There's really no way of predicting how long it might be. In the mean time, Purity has a nearly identical dye content. You certainly won't notice any difference in color. In my opinion it has a much nicer texture making it easier to apply too. I started using Purity because I couldn't have Yemen. No I  like it better.

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Re: Yemen Henna

The new shipment of Yemen is airborne, but it could take some time to go through customs. When it gets here, we send it to the lab, so it'll be a while before it is up for sale.

I think next year I'll need to increase the Yemen orders to over four tons so I don't run out.  

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