Enhancing curls...what to use?

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Enhancing curls...what to use?

I have a bag of amla: does it help with curls on its own, outside of a henna mix? As I mentioned a bit back, I have hair that's a mix of waves and loose curls, with a little ringlet action around the head here and there depending on luck and drying time and technique. Scrunching and leave-ins (like hibiscus tea) can get me even curlier, but I want it curly curly curly! I know I can only go so far with natural products, but I'm wondering what kind of recipe people might recommend, amla alone or amla mixed with other things, etc., to get my hair as curly as possible.

This is all without henna--I'm having to give it up due to not wanting to lighten to get red, so there's no issue of henna relaxing curls here...it never really did for me for some reason, even though my hair is very heavy and thick even before henna. 


PS Will amla alone dry the hell out of my hair? Or take color out? I've read that vitamin C tablets can be used to strip color out, and I know amla is a vitamin C powerhouse. 

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Enhancing Curls


Amla on its own can give your hair more volume and bounce. Cassia  Obovata dye released and applied for at least one hour can also help restore your curls. I recommend using Cassia with Amla as the fruit acid for dye release to give you the most curls. 

Amla on its own will not strip the color from your hair or change your hair color. Zizyphus Spina Christi is also a good choice for a conditioner with no color change and giving the hair more texture. For more information on these three plant powders please read this blog article: https://www.ancientsunrise.blog/cassia-zizyphus-amla/

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