Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment on Henna+Indigo treated hair

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Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment on Henna+Indigo treated hair

Hi everyone,
Before creating this topic I have searched this forum and all the available information on web. Here the latests comments about Keratin for Henna/Indigo hair seem to be from 2013. Thus, I hope te get your recent opinion and more information if possible on the potential damage of Keratin Straightening Treatment on Henna+Indigo dyed hair. 

I have been dying my hair with henna and indigo (two step process) by Khadi Natural products for over a year now and it's been three years I have been dying my hair only with henna and henna+indigo. Besides the natural beauty it provides, I believe many of us use henna as we would like to avoid using the chemical ingredients as much as possible in our lives. On the other hand, there are some hair treatments which seem to make life easier and if treated properly make the hair healthier as well. 

I would like to try Cezanne's Keratin Smoothing Treatment on my curly henna+indigo dyed hair but when I talked to the customer service of Cezanne, they told me that it is not recommended for henna dyed hair due to the existence of metallic salts which may create extreme heat during the treatment and damage the hair. On the ingredients part it is stated that the Khadi henna and indigo products are 100% natural and does not contain anything else. 

So I was wondering if it is ok to have a smoothing treatment before and after (preferably at least 3 weeks in between the applications) henna+indigo treatment on hair? I would be very happy if there are members here who have experience using them both for some time and have knowledge about the potential risks and any recommendations for me.

It is a bit long message, sorry :)
Thank you all and look forward to your responses.



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Keratin treatment


I recommend testing the Cezanne's Keratin Smoothing Treatment on hair harvested from your hair brush. This way you can make sure that there will not be a chemical reaction. Not all Henna contains metallic salts.  Ancient Sunrise Henna products are lab tested to be free from metallic salts.  If the product you are using is not lab tested for purity, I would test first. 

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