New to henna, Gray/blonde wanting red

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New to henna, Gray/blonde wanting red

Hi, I’m brand new to henna. My daughter has been using it for years and her hair is gorgeous! 

I am hoping to get some advice and guidance from you guys. 

I used to bleach my hair, but haven’t done any bleach at all for over a year.  I have approx  5 inch long gray/silver roots and approx  4 inches of left over blonde ends. (My Hair was blonde before going gray) 

*I am hoping for a red that compliments my skin tone. I have a lot of red in my cheeks and it’s just getting redder as I get older. 

Any advice for a pale, red cheeked person?


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I am not able to open the pictures you included in your post. Would you be able to send the photos to ? Please include a picture of your current hair color and the shade of red you are wanting. That will help us recommend the best product for you.

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