Histamine Intolerance

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Histamine Intolerance



Since last year I have been getting urticaria/hives, mainly when I am outside in the cold (cold urticaria) but have occassionally had them in the house.

I have seen an Immunologist who says the hives are cuased by having high histamine in the body (the cold casues the histamine to raise)

I used henna and cassia on my hair around the same time all this started and have not used it since. I have still been getting the hives.

As I am getting more and more greys I really want to cover them if I can but I am worried in case the henna/cassia would raise the histamine level in my body.

I keep searching on the internet but cannot find any inforamtion.

I would appreciate if anyone could offer advice please.

Thank you.

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Histamine intolerance


I recommend reading our blog article about Henna, Indigo and Cassia and seasonal allergies.


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