Henna Glaze/Gloss w/o Conditioner

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Henna Glaze/Gloss w/o Conditioner

Hello :)


Hendigo is my normal process, but I currently just need to boost the red without committing to a many hours process. And since onditioner inhibits uptake of the dye, is there anything else I can I use as an additive in place of conditioner? I was hoping for something that might add some 'slip'. 


I don't have time to wait for a shipment of anything from the shop, and was hoping I might have something onhand that will make 1) the application less muddy, and 2) make it more likely to result in a sheer glaze effect, rather than too much deepening/darkening of color.  


If I do have to apply the henna alone with no other additive, what's a recommended timeframe to leave it on for? Is an hour enough, or two? More?


Would even a tablespoon or so of a light conditioner allow the dye to take?


Any suggestions are appreciated :).

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Henna Gloss


 You can use dye released Henna mixed with conditioner to add a temporary effect to the hair. I would recommend using the dye released Henna,  mixed with either Cassia or Zizyphus Spina Christi as an alternative to conditioner. You can read about it in our blog article:  https://www.ancientsunrise.blog/highlights-henna-glosses-myths/

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