Will amla darken or brown hair on its own, even a little? Also: fruit acid question

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Will amla darken or brown hair on its own, even a little? Also: fruit acid question

Hi everyone! I'm after a bright true red (have to lighten before, sigh) and have used various hennas throughout the years. I miss Punjabi Prime a lot, have used rajthanjani henna since I ran out years ago and it's pretty good. I've also used chamomile tea for years based on old tests here that showed it resulting in the best true red that didn't brown over time. I'm wondering if anyone has tested this against the newer fruit acids for sale here. The redder the better is what I'm looking for. 

I'd also love to get my hair a bit curlier. I don't know if henna has relaxed it too much, but I have hair that's wavy/mildly curly in parts that I wish had more curl. I'm paranoid about amla, though, because of claims that it does darken or brown on its own. I've seen this with oil: is there any consensus on the powder itself?

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To keep the Henna as bright red as possible I recommend using the Rajasthani Monsoon henna and Copperberry fruit acid powder. These are the products in the red kit which gives the brightest red. Amla when used to dye release the Henna does give ash tones to the mix which makes it a cooler color and less brassy. If you are wanting to use Amla to retain your curls I would use Copperberry to dye release your henna, then add Amla right before you apply it to help with the curls.

Link to Monsoon Henna: http://www.mehandi.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=170

Link to Copperberry fruit acid: http://www.mehandi.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=120

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