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Amla Storage

Hello all!

I'm making the switch from lemon juice to adding amla (begging the universe that some of my waviness will come back!) to my Henna/Cassia mix, and I'm wondering if I store the powdered amla in the freezer also.


Just for gab, this will be my second time using a Henna/Cassia mix, and I'M LOVING IT! I used 100% Henna for a while before taking a break back to my "biological" color (not my "natural" color. I have the heart and soul of a redhead, trapped in the prison of the ashiest dark blonde you've ever seen!) for a locks of love donation.  I'm glad to be back to the reds, but the soft red of this mix is as beautiful as the intense reds I enjoyed from the 100% henna.  Can't wait to see what Amla adds to the fun!!!


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Re: Amla Storage

I have always kept my amla at room temperature. I don't think freezing would harm it.

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