Henna Indigo allergic reaction

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Henna Indigo allergic reaction

Hi everyone, 

I am new here on this forum and I unfortunely have an allergic reaction from either Henna or Indigo.

I am sure that it is pure henna and indigo powder. I have been using this package for 1,5 years know, but suddenly started to develop an allergic reaction. It seems to be the more Indigo the stronger the reaction is...

The last time before this time I also had an reaction under my eyes but more mild then this time. I thought it might had something to do with makup or another allergy because it started  2 days  after dying my hair with redness and itchyness under my eyes and then followed by  swollen eyes, especially in the morning, lasting for 5 days . I still had from time to time redness and itchynes under my eyes for 3 weeks but no swelling. I think it has to do with the hendigo still being in my hair and maybe giving off particals especially during the night in my pillow and my face coming in contact with my hair?? Any one idea's about why the reaction is not going away completely after 3 weeks? Anyway I used the hendigo mixture again cause I didnt think it was the hairdye ( I know its not smart)  I really know for sure this time that I am allergic to Henna or Indigo.

It started with a strong headache  during the night after I dyed my hair in the afternoon, and a feeling of being unwell when the Hendigo was on my head for 1,5 hours. Then after 24 hours a mild red rash under my eyes and a little swelling. Then 2 days later itchyness all over my face and a red rash under my eyes, also swelling of the skin under my eyes. Then the reaction becomes the strongest 3 days after dyeing, the redness and itchyness goes away but my eyes become very swollen by night, also a racing heartbeat, an overall feeling of being unwell. I took some antihistamines, but the swelling of the eyes still is there now every morning I wake up and I have to cool it for 3 hours to be able to go to work... also the skin around my eyes is extremely dry.  I wonder how it can be that my head isen't itchy and there is no burning sensation on my scalp, only on my face and eyes. Anyone an idea? Is that because the Indigo causes a reaction in the bloodstream so that my body keeps on making anitbodies up to 5 days after being in contact with henna/ indigo? Anyone idea's experiences like this? 

So becarefull if you have a reaction like burning sensation, a reaction in your face, eyes, then the next time it's gonna be stronger and its not like a PPD reaction but it still is a strong reaction because of swelling and a red rash on the face lasting up to 5 days....  

I am not allergic to anything else,  so I wasent expecting to get allergic to plants like henna or Indigo... My mother was allergic to PPD so I really dont want to use any chemical hairdye, also because it does no good to the hair and overal health. But now I have to find an alternative for dying my greys.... I am 20% grey and my natural color is dark brown.

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Indigo reaction.


Are you using Ancient Sunrise Henna and Indigo?

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