I'm Ready to Give It a Try

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I'm Ready to Give It a Try

I've been reading a lot about henna and indigo but still not sure how to start. I've been dyeing my hair for 20 years it's a med-dark brown and I'm 50 percent grey. It's a month Aug 27th since I've dyed my hair, I got it cut in a pixie to cut off as much dye as I could. Is it to soon to put the henna / indigo on ? I'm afraid to use just henna as I don't want red hair but I don't want it turning black either with to much indigo.My hair is in good shape but it's very fine . I don't want to use chemicals anymore but from what I've read grey roots can be hard to cover with henna. I know there are many of you with a lot of experience when it comes to using henna and other combinations so any advice would be greatly appreciated. With your help hopefully soon I can take the plunge. I'm hoping to stay in the med- dark brown range. 




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ready to give it a try


With Ancient Sunrise henna and indigo there is no wait time to color your hair. We do have kits for gray. I would get a sample of our henna for gray hair medium brunette kit. This kit is half henna and half indigo. You can get sample kits here: http://www.mehandi.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=123

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