henna and protein treatments

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henna and protein treatments

Hi, I have a special event on Saturday, so I am planning to touch up my roots with henna tomorrow.  At the same time, I'm also going to put a henna gloss on the rest of my hair, to brighten it up a bit.  Henna has improved the condition of my hair quite a bit!  Especially because I am no longer using heat tools.  But my hair has not yet fully recovered from the onslaught of chemical color/bleach processing it's been through over the past year, before I switched to henna.  So I'd like to do a DIY protein treatment.  The "recipe" calls for just hydrolyzed wheat protein, keratin protein, and any silicone-free hair conditioner.  I ordered my proteins online and received them yesterday, so I'd love to do the treatment tonight.  Would that in any way cause my henna not to take up well tomorrow?  Thanks!  Maya

UPDATE: Since no one answered my Q, I decided to go with my gut and take a chance on doing my DIY protein treatment the night before hennaing.  Just wanted to post my reults in case in helps anyone else who might be curious about this topic.  I got great results!... the morning after the protein treatment, my henna took up just fine, better than ever in fact.  And my hair was in no way "too hard or brittle" after doing protein and henna back to back, as some online sources had cautioned it might be.  Nope, it's soft and super shiny.  It also feels heavier than when I did henna with no protein treatment prior.  "Heavier" for me is a GOOD thing, since my hair is fine and wavy and I tend to have "fly-aways."  So I really like that my hair is now thicker and more "anchored down" by the weight of protein + henna.  However, for those who already have very long or thick or heavy hair, they may not appreciate the extra weight.  M

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Glad to hear it was

Glad to hear it was successful! I've never done a protein treatment, so this is interesting to me!

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