Covering Solid Gray Temples and Dark Hair

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Okay, I henndigo'ed my roots again yesterday and I am THRILLED! I admire my hair every chance I get. It's a deep, deep, deep, dark, rich coffee brown, with red highlights.

I've mentioned in many of my posts that the gray clusters at my temple were the hardest thing for me get the way I wanted. I've never seen a thread on this topic, so I'm making one in case anyone else ever deals with this issue. If I hadn't got my temples right, I might have dropped henna entirely. It's that important to me.

I have dark hair with (premature) gray threads and solid gray temples, and I think of myself as a dark haired person with some gray. When I initially looked at Catherine's mohair samples, I looked at the effects different mixes had on dark brown hair, figured out what I wanted to do, and my length came out beautiful. My temples turned a weird, unbecoming bright orange, because they are not brown.  They are not even salt-and-pepper. They are gray, and there is no dark hair surrounding them to mute the color.  The overall effect looked unnatural and, my sister says, silly.

Since I don't think of myself as gray-haired, it never dawned on me that a mix that's perfect for brown or brown/gray hair wouldn't necessarily look good on gray hair. It was difficult and slightly shocking to think of any part of my hair as gray, but the temples are.

So I came up with a henndigo mix for my temples, and it's perfect. I initially used it on all my roots, but something Carrie wrote helped me realize that that's not what I want, either. I don't want to lose the bright red strands in my hair, and I will if I keep turning them brown at the root. So now I've decided to henndigo only my temples and the roots toward the front of my face. I'm going to henna the rest of my roots, and, a few days after I henndigo my temples, I'm going to henna them so they'll pick up red highlights.

So if your gray hair clusters in places, especially around your face, evaluate those sections separately from your brown or black hair. You might well choose a different mix for them.



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