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Chai Kit

Hi All,

I've been using products from Catherine for about five years.  I initially started bleached blonde, went to henna red, alburn, med brown, dark brown, black then back to red by just jusing henna and it was a really cool ombre effect that blended great.  I wanted to go back to blonde (my original color which is now 30 percent gray).  I did two cassia treatments after rainwash and the color is good.  My hair is starting to get healthier with the cassia.   I took a henna break and went to chemicals.  Didn't like at all what it did to my hair. 

I have ordered a chai kit sample and was wondering if anyone could add their expereience with it. 

Right now my hair still has henna in it with the darkest being at the ends and underneath.  If I go with the chai I plan on doing a whole head and then roots only.  Just wondering how the indigo will effect the darker henna color down the length. Also, would it make sence to go back to medium brunette and then slowly add cassia so roots will not be as noticable?


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More Henna and Indigo over henna hair will get darker. With the amount of cassia in the Chai kit the darkening of the ends should not be drastic, maybe a shade or two. Applying a Medium Brunette mix on your roots and then adding more and more cassia each time you do a root touch up,  is the best way to transition from a darker color to a lighter one.

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