chai kit proportion of Nightfall Rose?

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chai kit proportion of Nightfall Rose?

I would like to try the Chai combination. 

My question is about using Nightfall Rose.

Does the quantity in the kit represent the proportion to use in relation to the other plant dyes?

I have henna and indigo and cassia already but would like to try Nightfall Rose and need to know how much to purchase. 

Also, how long does Cassia in an unopened package last, stored in a dark closet?

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Nightfall Rose


The amount you use for nightfall rose is 0.25(the amount of cassia + henna) The full Chai kit is 200g cassia and 50g henna, so the nightfall rose amount is 62.5 grams.

Cassia will last several years sealed, dry, and at a moderate temperature.

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