Regular Hair Dye after a year of henna

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Regular Hair Dye after a year of henna

Hello, so I tried to keep doing henna but my gray shows up after a week and the henna process is so long I can't do it anymore ;( I have been using indigo henna from Rainbow and I was wondering if that was safe to go back to regular chemical dye to cover my grey ? 

Thanks in advance !

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Henna and Chemical Color


This forum is specifically for discussion of Ancient Sunrise henna products. I can only say for certain that AS products are safe to use before or after chemical color because we have lab-tested it to ensure there are no metallic salts, heavy metals, or other chemical adulterants that may react with other products. As for other henna brands, I cannot safely advise. I would recommend having your stylist test the product on some hair that you have saved from your hairbrush. If there is any fizzing/smoking/other signs of chemical reaction, obviously do not go ahead.

Have a good day!

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