Lightening Before Henna

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Lightening Before Henna

Hello! I am brand new to Henna but after hearing that that's how Grace Coddington dyes her hair ..... I have been introduced to a whole new world. Also chemical dyes have not been getting my hair red enough! And it certainly doesn't stay. 

So my hair is a mousey dark blonde. I bleached it my entire life and then went red 2 years ago at the age of 25 and have not looked back. I hated dealing with those dark roots, and with red I have found my identity! But with repeated full head applications and one stylist taking me darker than I would have liked last fall, my hair is perhaps a shade or 2 darker than I'd like. Its not unbearable but I worry that putting henna over it will make it darker for my liking.

So I've done so much research and I came across the vitamin C treatment to lighten my hair. I was going to do that but then I also saw you guys recommend the rainwash treatment. Does this lighten your hair as well or is it just to remove any build up before the henna? Shoud I do both?

Also I ordered a test kit of the Fire and Red kit to see which I like better... but which would you say is the traditional brighter red? I want it to really pop! 

So glad I've learned so much about henna through you guys! The pdf downloads and forums are super helpful and you seem so trust worthy. Thanks!

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Rainwash will lighten hair if the hair has been dulled by minerals. I definitely recommend using it before henna, even just to make sure that your hair is nice and clean before starting. Vitamin C can sometimes help draw out excess dye, but neither rainwash nor vitamin C will really lighten hair too much. However, you can use a chemical lightener either before or after henna. Here's more info on that:

As far as Red versus Fire, the Red kit is 200g Monsoon henna, for a vivid rosy red, and Fire is 1/2 Monsoon henna, 1/2 Cassia, and results in a more brighter, coppery red. Results vary depending on each person's hair, so testing is a good idea!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!

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