Where can I buy the darkest henna?

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Where can I buy the darkest henna?
I'm looking to explore new suppliers. Ive been relying on jamaila for years and it seems to be losing its kick for me. Not as deep of a stain that I'd like to see. I'm not sure if its my supplier or the jamaila. Itself. What is everyone using now adays ?
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Rajasthani Twilight


This forum is specifically about Ancient Sunrise brand products. Our highest dye content henna is Rajasthani Twilight, which has a 2.8% lawsone content, and results in a deep auburn on lighter hair, and will give deep warm highlights on darker hair. You can find it here.  https://www.mehandi.com/Ancient-Sunrise-Rajasthani-Twilight-Henna-p/hen-...

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