Buxus application??

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Buxus application??

Hi there - I henna-ed my hair for the first time over the weekend (using Acient Sunrise Celebration from mehandi) and while I love the red I think it is a little much for my skin tone.  I am waiting until Friday to do anything so it has time to oxidize for a full week, but I'm researching the next step just in case. I am looking at some buxus to tone it a little more brown but I'm confused on the best application method.

I would like something longer lasting than a gloss.  I have read that you can either:

1)mix buxus powder directly with henna powder, add your acid and let it sit and apply as you would henna


2)mix the henna and acid, let it sit, then add buxus diluted with water. 

Do the different methods give different results?  Is a gloss the best bet for the first time? Thank you for all your help!

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Re: Buxus application??

Buxus needs to be mixed with water, you don't need an acid for it.  Here's a link with more info:


I'll let others suggest remedies specific to what you're looking to achieve with the color.

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Re: Buxus application??

I always get stronger dye when I mix buxus with warm water.

If you use buxus over hennaed hair you'll turn it to a shade of brown ... how dark the brown depends on how dark your hennaed hair is. If it's coppery orange, 15 minutes of buxus will turn it light golden brown. If it's dark auburn, the buxus would turn it darker brown.

Using buxus as a gloss will lessen the intensity/darkness of the browning effect.

Mixing buxus with henna 50/50 by weight would give cinnamon (warm reddish) brown. Buxus is lighter than henna so if you measure by volume a 50/50 mix will give you more like a honey/coppery color. Using more buxus than henna by weight, you can get darker, ashier shades of brown.

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