Help: Can I re-terp my henna?

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Help: Can I re-terp my henna?

Hi everybody,

I just made a batch of Jamila 2016 henna paste, used KISS recipe. Yesterday I tried a design on my hand and realized that perhaps I haven't terped it long enough. I left the paste on overnight. Now the paste has been off since 12 hrs and the colour is so far only a light brown. The weather is cold right now where I live (inside home temperature average 18 deg C) so I'm thinking maybe I should have let the mixture sit out another day (3 instead of 2). 

The thing is I froze all my cones already--Can I thawed them out and let the cones sit for a day to terp? Would I have to take the paste out of all the cones and put it into a bowl? Does anyone have any experience in this?

Thank you very much in advance!