Cassia for conditioning over henna without colour change...

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Cassia for conditioning over henna without colour change... what I want. Have had a bit of a scrummage through the forum topics but thought now I would just ask direct.

I dont do a full henna head very often, maybe once a year, but wanted the strengthening/conditioning benefits of cassia. I really don't want a colour change.

Maybe simply doing a full head of henna more often might be better for this, but am wary of it getting too dark and weighed down. 


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Cassia for Conditioning

You can find the 'how to' here:

Pretty much you just mix the cassia with distilled water rather than an acid, and you use it immediately instead of dye-releasing. If you have darker hair, you can even use dye-released cassia, and there will not really be any difference in color.

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