Fake Jamila Henna "Jameela"

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Fake Jamila Henna "Jameela"


I got very excited today when I found some Jamila henna locally.

I bought a box, the package was green, there is a batch number 15052015 and an exp date 04-2018

Mfg date 05 2015

Premierè qualité Henné

Oasis corporation pvt ltd

Then I realised it is spelt JAMEELA

I had added hot water and lemon juice and its already looking very bright and I would not have suspected a thing.

Can anyone tell me if this sounds suspicious?

Thankyou in advance!


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As that is not an Ancient Sunrise product, I would not be able to comment in any way, I'm sorry. Safest bet is to always order from us, so you know you're getting 100% pure product! (No one else runs independent lab testing the way we do.)

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I once saw a really great

I once saw a really great tutorial online of how to identify fake Jamila henna - I will post a link if I can find it again! But as the name is spelt wrong, it does seem a clear sign it's probably fake... :(  And also it looking too bright (in that case there's usually some green dye added). 

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