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Fire Kit

Hi All!

I recently ordered the Fire kit and mixed up some to do a test. I used 2 tbsp cassia, 2 tbsp henna and 1 tbsp copperberry. (I recently used the sample to do a test, this was the next step in The Big Test.) I mixed with room temp (60 degrees F here) distilled water in a plastic bowl, put on saran wrap and poked it down on top the henna mix. After 24 hours I smeared a little on my palm. Poor dye release. After 48 hours I can see under the saran wrap it looks like dye release, but I test on my palm again, poor dye release. After 60 hrs still poor dye release. I just gave up and stuck it in the freezer. I should still get a strong orange stain right? I have never used cassia before so I am not sure if that is why I'm not seeing the strong orange on my palm? I didn't think I needed to add more acid.... Should I take it out of the freezer and let it go longer? Any advice is appreciated! I would hate to smear it on when it's not dye released or past it's prime and suffer through it being on my hair only for it to not work.

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I'd suggest reading this

I'd suggest reading this chapter for dye releasing times and temperature:

You had too much Copperberry- you only needed a little over a teaspoon. (Measurements are based off of weight.)

Also remember that you have cassia in your mixture, so you aren't going to get as bright of a stain as if using henna only.

I'd recommending tossing the mix that is frozen and starting again with a fresh batch.

Hope this helps!

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