Can boxed, powder henna contain things other than henna?

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Can boxed, powder henna contain things other than henna?

I'm using Mumtaz with the cartoon Indian woman on it.

I've only ever used bridal henna cones (when I got married), and boxed for henna at home on myself.  Every time I get severely dehydrated and just icky feeling after the henna dries.  Could it be a reaction to henna or something that is in the formulas?

When I last applied I used lemon, coffee and the mehndi powder.

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Henna powder


The answer to that question is yes, definitely, and more often than we'd hope. In tests of various henna brands, we found that the vast majority of them did contain something other than 100% pure henna. Ancient Sunrise remains the only company to send all of its plant powders to an independent lab to confirm purity, so you can rest assured that if you order from us you are getting the real thing. Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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