Henna after hair loss treatment?

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Henna after hair loss treatment?

Hi all,
Is henna safe after hair loss treatment? I'm a 21-year-old girl and I was suffering from a severe hair loss from my teenage time itself. Since my hair loss was hereditary, normal medications didn't work on me and I sought the help of an expert trichologist in Toronto for a hair loss treatment and surgery. This is my 2nd month after the surgery. Should I try henna and hot oil massage for my hair? Will it be safe to do such hair care immediately after the surgery? Does anyone here have a similar experience? Share your thoughts and tips. 

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I would recommend doing a

I would recommend doing a finer sifted henna, such as our Jasmine. If you need indigo or cassia, you can use our Zekhara products.  Soak the hair when you are ready to take the paste off. You can try samples first before doing all of the hair (I highly recommend this). 

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