Henna and Indigo Mix

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I have a few questions, hope someone can help..

I mixed 100 g of henna with lemon juice and orange juice, dye released it for 7 hours. Question:  was this too long to dye release?

Added more lemon juice to yogurt consistency after dye release,

then mixed 100 g of indigo with luke warm tap water to mashed potato consistency.

Question:  I didn't have any distilled water, was it okay to use tap water?

then I mixed the two pastes together.  

Question:  The henna instructions say to mix to yogurt consistency with lemon juice.  The Indigo instructions say mix with water to lumpy mashed potato consistency and do not use lemon juice.  Is it a problem that it is then mixed with the henna which has lemon juice in the mix?  And, when you mix the Indigo, lumpy potato mix with the henna yogurt mix should any other liquid be added or should it be the proper consistency with the two different consistencies of pastes?

My goal is to have a very dark brunette color with coverage on my grey roots.  

I ended up with an enormous amount of paste.  My head is currently covered in the lovely paste, saran wrapped and towel turban.  

Question:  Can I freeze the remaining paste now with the indigo mixed into it or do I have to dispose of it since it has indigo and I am told not to freeze indigo.

This is my third attempt at hennaing my grey roots.  First tried prepackaged henna in brown and then black.  No coverage at all.

Found this site, ordered some quality henna and indigo.  Tonights the night.  I intend to sleep in it.  Thanks for any answers to these Questions.

Nora :)

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Re: Henna and Indigo Mix

ps Also, I am hoping to use orange juice only this time with the henna as I'm out of lemon juice and I now have distilled water for the indigo.  Yesterday I used tap water.