Blue-Black Hair

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Blue-Black Hair

Hello!  I have been using henna & indigo to dye my hair for about 6 years or so.  I'm a naturally dirty blonde and use a 1-step henna & indigo process to dye my hair a deep, chestnut brown.

The thing is, I'm getting bored with this color.

Back in my days of not caring about what chemicals were in my hair dye, I had a lot of fun playing with different colors, and I'd like to do that again.  I know that henna and indigo have their limits, but I would like to try experimenting a bit.

At one point, there was a link on the Henna for Hair site showing a formula to achieve a blue-black color using henna and indigo.  I had the link bookmarked, but it appears that page has been taken down (

Does anyone happen to know a formula to attempt blue-black?  I know that results will vary from person to person, and I am very familiar with the fact that henna and indigo are rather nuanced.  Still, I would like to give it a try, and it would be helpful to have a starting point.


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You will want to do a 2-step process. First, henna the hair for at least 2-4 hours, then shampoo well. Then, apply indigo paste to the hair for another 3 hours, within 48 hours of the henna application. This will result in a raven jet black.

If the indigo seems to fade at all after a few weeks, and you see your hair becoming more of a warm black, you can just touch it up by applying more indigo paste for 30 minutes or so.

Clean hair is especially important because indigo is a little pickier than henna when it comes to binding to the hair.

Hope this helps!


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