Hendigo not covering grey/ 2 step too dark help please

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Hendigo not covering grey/ 2 step too dark help please

Hi, I started using henna and Indig 2 step method  on my very dark brown hair which had some highlights in it and for the first couple of uses I loved it. I got a lovely chocolatey brown. However, after time, when my highlights had grown out, the two step mix (even though I was only doing the roots) started to make my hair a blue black. I then switched to hendigo but it makes my grey an orangey colour. I am using premium quality henna and indigo.

I have got so fed up with it being too dark and making me look washed out that I went into a salon and asked if I could go back to using hair dye but they treated me with contempt, like I was an Alien and said my hair would burn and frazzle, even if they just did my roots. I could tell they didn't want to do it and they took a strand test and said they would call me back....they didn't! I called them and they said that my hair snapped. My hair is natural except for the henna and in excellent shiny condition, I have always used premium organic 100% pure henna so I don't understand why my hair would snap. The hairdressers really did treat me badly as have any, even when i have just gone in for a cut.

So ideally i would like to stay with henna but just need to know how to get my hair a bit more even. I would like it a deep choclatey brown without the Blue tinge.

If this isn't possible, has anyone had their roots done with chemical dye successfully??

Thank you ladies, I am starting to feel a bit upset about all this.


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Dark brunette


You can achieve a dark brunettew with a 1-step mixture of 1 part henna, 2 parts indigo. You would need to make sure that you dye release the henna properly and mix the indigo only right before application. I have the info linked below:


If you are using products outside of the Ancient Sunrise brand, I wouldn't be able to help you further. Our products are 100% pure as proven by lab tests. In our experience, about 90% or more of hennas on the market---even those that claim to be pure and of high quality-- are revealed to have additives or adulterants when tested in a lab. Hair stylists do have some reason to be wary, so there is a possibility that your strand test did react.

I would definitely recommend switching to AS and trying our Henna for Gray Hair Dark Brunette kit.  It does a fantastic job.


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