Unclear on protocol...

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Unclear on protocol...

Hello, I'm going to have my henna applied tomorrow for the first time. I'm a little unclear on instructions & also have a question or two. I'd appreciate your help!

Before henna: Rainwash. But do I shampoo as usual, and then do Rainwash? And is Rainwash the last product that I use before henna?

Let it sit 6 hours max...? I'd like the deepest color possible. Is overnight too long/unnecessary?

- What about adding coconut oil to my henna??

After 6 hours (+) I rinse it out, for 20+ minutes if necessary...

And then what? Do I wash & condition it? 

If so, do I just use my usual color protect shampoo and conditioner?

I read it shouldn't be conditioned for 24 hours. Does that mean I simply use water and nothing else on my hair, to remove henna? 

Or should I rinse it out, and apply coconut oil immediately & then wash it out?

I'm a complete newbie. Thank you so much for your help and patience!






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You will want to apply rainwash, leave it in, then shampoo the rainwash product out before doing henna.

Do not add any oil to the henna mix, as it will make the dye much less effective.

It is easiest to rinse out by soaking and swishing your hair in a bathtub of warm water, then massaging a good handful of conditioner throughout your hair to get the rest of the residue out. then shampoo and condition as normal. There is no problem with using conditioner after henna.

In general coconut oil may not be a good thing to use on hennaed hair, as it can weaken the bond and cause fading.

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